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Negotiation with Kinship "Company of Rohan"
I am currently talking to the leader of Company of Rohan, Ederon, about making a subsite to this as a dedicated Kinship site. (As intended with this domain).

Since the Theme of Company of Rohan is, ehmm, ROHAN (horses, green fields, heroism, battles, battlebrothers, battlesisters, arms etc...), it is pretty obviuos that the Theme must be GREEN and icons and adaptations made to match this theme

Inspirational Theme shots

Rohan has a mountain chain around it western and southern borders, but is mostly green fields with rich pasture.
The following will be the base code colour for Company of Rohan.
Marancil attached the following image:
Sorry for the broken image links above.

Late news, but still necessary. As far as I know Ederon has abandoned the game.
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